me walking through cows!!!

regular readers know that I am afraid of cows.  Ever since my friends were caught in a stampede which killed their dog I do everything I can to avoid them.  Until today.  Out walking with hubby we had to cross a field full of beef cattle.  There were loads of them, all different sizes and shapes and it was very, very scary.  I coped by talking my way across.  It went a bit like this

‘ok, I can do this, they are only cows, there are not many, omg there are dozens, it’s ok they are miles away, no, no they are not they are coming this way, omg they are huge…it’s ok I just won’t look at them…omg how big is that one?  the one staring at us, right in the middle of the path…..what do we do??  we can’t go that way there are even more over there….omg they are running this way….we might die….there is no one about but us… they are running…oh, ok they have run passed us.. that’s good…. they are playing….they are only young….omg that one isn’t young….it looks angry…do you think it looks angry….what do we do….keep walking…keep walking it is fine…they are ignoring us…’s fine….not scary now…..are we nearly passed them all…..omg there are more running this way…..phew they have gone passed too….there is the cattle grid….quick let’s cross over….well that was ok really wasn’t it?  not even sure why I am scared…..

Hubby couldn’t stop laughing at me, which wasn’t very supportive, but he did hold my hand all the way through the field, and he has the crushed fingers to prove it!!

Proud that I did face my fear, did cross the field and feel good about it now.  No, I have no intention of doing it again any time soon.