on inspiration Under Derbyshire Skies (with thanks to Paul Simon)

Recently I found myself with an hour to kill, I was away from home and my options were limited so I settled for wandering around a large supermarket.  At first I looked in all the usual places, the clothes I didn’t like and the home products we just don’t need.  I eventually found myself in the DVD and CD section and browsed the cheap music on offer.  Amazingly there were several CDs from years back in the discount section and I purchased some to listen to while driving.

Back at the car, I still had a bit of time left, I put a CD into the player and sat in the dark car park as the crystal clear sounds boomed out.  Do you know  how it is when a song takes you back in time, and when you remember the person you used to be, and how the music connects the two versions of ourselves?  It is as if the tunes are saying this was you 20 years ago, and here you are now, sitting in a car park in the dark. The music is still here, it has always been here, you were just off being busy, you forgot the music, but the music still knows you.

One track of the album makes me feel incredibly happy.  The words have stayed with me over the years, and the harmony and tune instantly reconnects me with good feelings.  I set off on my journey and sing loudly, I can remember most of the words as soon as I hear the music, how does that work?  Without the music I wouldn’t have a chance, apart from some key lyrics, but singing along it all comes back.  I wonder which part of our brain stores this information keeping it safe and only unlocking it when the musical clues are heard.

Happily I complete my journey and all is well.  The music has stayed with me for the past few days and each time I think of it I feel happy.  Happy to be me, to have managed to get through the years between buying this album the first time and now. Happy I have been able to deal with all that life has thrown my way. Especially happy   how I have ended up in this place, now, which is exactly where I really want to be.

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