on the beginnings of Summer

a day or two later than planned, the June blog is under way.  June is typically the start of summer for me. After a long cold winter with dark nights and mornings, Spring has teased the sun from it’s hiding place and by June it is established in the sky most days.   It is a time of light mornings and late evenings spent outside, of parties in the garden and fun in the outdoors.  At the beginning of June the longest day is yet to be and we can look forward to the daylight longer and longer each day.

Well, so far this June has not quite lived up to expectations.  The monsoon like rain that fell on the first of this month equalled anything we have seen in the winter time. The temperature has been higher in April than so far in June, but I am not concerned, because June will get there in the end.

Strawberries for breakfast, the garden is ablaze with colour, if a little soggy, and the mood is light. Summer is a coming and I am ready for it.

It was quite a shock then to have one of the saddest days in the national news yesterday.  In the midst of my summer optimism, I found myself feeling inexplicably bereft hearing of accidents and deaths of people I had never met.

One was a politician, who dealt with his demons in the public eye.  A fair minded man he had the courage to stand up for what was right at a time of war, reminding fellow politicians of the absurdity of attack.  His words fell on deaf ears, but he stayed firm.  When he relinquished his leadership role, we all lost out, as his replacement bore no resemblance to his predecessor.

Next came the dreadful news of an accident involving young people enjoying a day out at the theme park.  I was travelling with my daughter in the car as she was hearing the news via social media.  She was visibly upset.  This theme park is close to our home and somewhere she has visited many, many times.  The ride involved is one she has ridden and the seats in which the most injured were sitting is the same place she has chosen to ride.  At once the fragility of life as we know it was recognised.  This could so easily have been her.  She was genuinely shocked, as was I.  We don’t know yet the details of the injuries to these young fun seekers, but I am hoping it is something from which they can recover quickly.  My thoughts are with them and their families.

Then, late at night we hear that a young girl has been found dead, following a search that has lasted days.  The community she lived in came together to look for her. I don’t know any details, but as a parent my heart is heavy.  A young life lost, a family in mourning and the world has shifted once again on its axis.

So, June, so far you are not living up to my expectations.  Instead of sunshine we have had rain, instead of happy times we have heard of tragedy and sadness.  I am going to try very hard to feel positive. Today, for me at least, is a new day, and one I hope will be filled with happier thoughts.  I have had strawberries for breakfast and the sun is indeed shining through the window.  Life is fragile and precious and we all do well to remember that.  Making the most of each day we have is all we can do.

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