on simple pleasures and a space station

Yesterday in Wales we sat in the sunny garden and counted the daisies.  There are hundreds and hundreds all showing their faces to the sunshine up above.  As I picked some and threaded them to make a chain we talked of childhood, of motherhood and of other fields and gardens and other chains made for children who are now parents themselves.

Later in the evening a shining star moved across the sky, blinking and winking its way above the earth, we went back out into the garden to follow its progress.  The sky was clear and lots of stars were twinkling their lights and shining brightly.  This star was man made, a space station, the stuff of fiction and dreams to us as children and now nonchalantly flying by, what a sight to see.

So, that was yesterday, daisy chains and space stations.  From one world to another in a couple of hours.  The magic of man and nature all in one day.

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