on towards the end of summer

today has been a bit colder than we would hope in England in August and it has made me think about the changing of the seasons.  Somehow moving from Summer to Autumn is the change I like least of all.  The nights begin to darken earlier, the wind begins to chill and the best of the flowers in the garden are at an end.  Autumn doesn’t seem to offer anything to us.  All the other seasons have festivals and celebrations or they have the promise of longer days and warmer weather.  Autumn usually just slopes in and changes everything, not necessarily for the better.

Today though I am not feeling as I usually do.  I am remembering the warm sunny days of last September and hoping for similar this year.  I thinking of sitting in Wales in the sunshine, of chatting in the garden with neighbours ’til late into the night.  I am hopeful. Another season approaching is fine by me.  We still have the remains of the summer, the trees are holding onto their leaves and the sky is mostly blue.

It occurred to me that at times I have forgotten to live in the moment of today.  I am guilty of being too focussed on what is coming next.  I have slept through days waiting for a special occaison, a meaningful date, the next big thing to arrive.  How crazy is that? There are many people who would love the possibility of living today.  Just today, as it is, with grey in the blue sky, with showers and with a chill on the wind.  People who are not able to enjoy being with loved ones, to be outside with time to enjoy.

So I say, whatever the weather today will be a good day, I will make it so.  Looking for the good in the mundane, taking time to smell the coffee and to reach out to those I love.  A good day will then become a good week, a good month and in time a good life.  It is up to me to make it happen.

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