million steps – day nine

Today was a good day.  After yesterday when I felt bored and tired and achy I decided to vary my walking and begged a lift of hubby on his way out to work.  He dropped me off at the edge of town for me to walk back.  It was a great idea.  I made my way down roads I usually only travel on in the car. The unfamiliar made for interesting walking and energised me completely.  It was early so not many people were about and as I turned off the main road into the smaller side roads the countryside was all around me.

A group of rabbits were playing alongside the school field, I stopped to watch them for a minute as they chased each other.  I couldn’t help but feel that this new world I am living in is full of surprises around every corner.  Walking puts me in the picture, not looking at it framed through a car window.  I am part of the landscape and able to connect with it in a way I have never done before.  I notice things I would never have seen and I am seeing the world in a very different way.  Leaving the rabbits to play,  I carried on along for a mile or so then started making my way back towards home.  It was a long walk, but I enjoyed every step.  I think this will become a weekly treat,  my long walk home.  When I arrived there just after 8 am I really needed my breakfast.

The day went on as Saturdays often do.  Spending time in the shop, chatting to people and sorting and packing donated goods ready to be sent off to where they are so badly needed. It was carnival day in our town today, and it was great to watch everyone heading up to the market place for fun at the fair.  We closed the shop just as the carnival parade was heading up the street,  it was full of smiling people, some were on floats, others were walking or marching with the bands. The sky was threatening rain but it stayed dry, which was great news for everyone.  Later we walked over the market place and down into the park to listen to live music and catch up with friends.

Today was a high step count, almost 20,000 which seemed very easily done.  Walking new routes, walking with friends and concentrating on having fun meant many of the steps were done unnoticed.  I am proud that my fitness levels are improving so much, I find it easy to walk and talk, even up the hills, something I could never do before.   It seems to me that I am beginning to understand that this maybe a million step challenge, but actually it is a life time change for the better.


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