million steps – day nineteen – what a scorcher

my early morning walk this morning was absolutely brilliant.  I walked through streets of pretty houses, passed the park and soon I could see the sea.  Even though it was early it was already very warm and I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter.

I pass dog walkers, the occasional cyclist and jogger and we all nod hello, the odd comment ‘it’s going to be a warm one today’ as we all share the same space and beautiful views. I stop to take some photographs, I always feel happy near the coast and being there so early was a real treat.

I soon completed my three miles and walked back up to the car.  Arriving home to have my breakfast in the garden it soon became clear that sitting in the sunshine was too much today.  The rest of the day we sat in the shade, drinking cool drinks not moving much at all.

It is one thing walking in the rain and the cold, but I found out today that the heat is the most challenging weather.  I managed to walk enough steps, but only just.  It was actually quite lovely to spend the day not doing much at all.



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