on fast food and wifi

when you are enjoying a wonderful relaxing holiday, the fact that your wifi is not working is not a problem.  When that holiday is for more than a week or so this is different.

While we enjoy the delights of North Wales we have always accepted that the connection to the internet is not good, we say that is fine, it means we can relax and don’t have to worry about Facebook for a while.  But, after a week or so things need to be done. There are updates needed, facts to be checked and people to catch up with.

So, this bright sunny Bank Holiday Monday morning finds me in a place I rarely ever come to  A fast food outlet, the one with Golden Arches, offers free wifi.  So here I am, sorting all the must do tasks online, accompanied with families all eating burgers and chips at 11am.  This is a world I want no part of.

I remember the excitement of my first ever visit to this chain.  It was Amsterdam, I was nineteen or twenty and completely blown away.  There were no plates, no cutlery and the best milk shakes I had ever tasted.  I am having a milk shake this morning, old habits die hard.  Years later I took my children here, we even had a birthday party once.  In the years since then I had forgotten about the place.

Free wifi is free wifi and I have respect for this offer.  It is fast and functioning and I have managed to do all the things I needed to do and more.  I may well be back.

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