making memories

When my baby girl started to like live music we did everything we could to encourage her.  Driving to theatres, clapping and singing along, then later sitting outside venues waiting for her to come out, always with friends, always excited and so alive.  Full of tales of the bands, the people she had met and of the music, it has always been the music with our girl.

These precious times are long gone, she has lived in other countries, beating her own path to the life she loves, and more recently making her home in a city close to all our hearts.  To say I am proud of her is only a part of it.  I am proud of how she lives her life, how she is brave, and beautiful, funny and compassionate.  I love that we are still so connected despite it being years since we shared a home.

Today she rang to say she had managed to get a ticket to a concert tonight, the singer we both love, his songs cheer and bring back many happy times.  I am happy for her.  Then tonight I am on the beach, a place I love, the sun is sinking into the sea and she rings.  She is there, in a theatre so like the one I took her many times as a child, she is recounting memories and the happiness is literally contagious.  She misses me, we should both be there.  There are Mum’s with little girls and Mum’s with grown up girls, she is on her own and loving it.  Sharing with me with text messages and yes I wish I was with her, but I am more that happy to have his music on as I am typing this and knowing that she is there, living her best life.   As a Mum, this is all I have ever wanted.  For her to know who she is, and to choose her life.

Job done.

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