on first freedom and friendship

Advent Day 2

For todays Advent I am thinking of a friend who is having a sad time and remembering our happy youthful days. As an eighteen year old I left home to share a flat with her, we had met at work, and decided to have our independence by renting a studio flat in the city centre. We were young and carefree and didn’t much worry about having very little money or even much furniture. We had friends and freedom and could walk to work every morning, which we often did.

We stayed out late at night, danced in the university bars, spent our money on clothes not food, shared our hopes and dreams and laughed more than I think I have ever done since. We held parties which got us into all sorts of trouble, we drank cheap cider and spent time in wine bars thinking we were so sophisticated.

Eventually we met the men we would marry, we drifted apart and life went on. The years have passed by, we lost touch and then through the magic of the internet found each other again. All was as it was before, we are still the same women we were then, albeit a bit wiser, and at her special birthday last year we once again danced to the tunes of that first freedom.

So tonight as I see she has lost someone she loved, I am thinking of us, not as middle aged ladies with families and responsibilities but as young women with it all in front of us, life to be lived and the world ahead. There are lots of tunes that I associate with this lovely friend and fun times, this cheesy cheeky song will never win an award, but it perfectly sums up the life we lived, the fun we had and the good, good times.


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