Merry Christmas everyone

Advent Day 24

The last Advent post of 2014, thanks to those who have read each one, it means a lot that you are all out there following my ramblings!

Today is Christmas Eve, and the excitement is running through the house.  Daughter has a hangover but is in a good mood, she has popped out shopping with lovely boyfriend.  Family are arriving later and I am on track with the cooking, wrapping and decorating.  It is nice to take five minutes to write a few lines to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a Good New Year ahead.

May your day be full of nice things and be spent with people who love you,  may all the presents under the tree be filled with promise and lovely stuff.  May you eat good food and drink a drop or two of nice wine.  May you reflect on what is good and great and all things we have to be happy about.

Happy is contagious, no matter what else is happening there is always a happy choice to be made, make sure you always find your happy and make the most of every minute.

I look forward to writing more in the next year and am so glad you are all on this journey with me.

For the Advent song on Christmas Eve I have chosen a carol, not because I am in any way religious, but because this is the song that sums up Christmas for me as a child.  It is the first carol I learned the words to and still it can make me so happy I can cry.  I am back at church with Mum by my side, I am in the school hall, singing in the choir and I am in a dozen children’s performances watching my own little ones act out the Christmas story. Merry Christmas and may Peace be with us all this Christmas.

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