on the end of July

now as months go, generally one follows another without much fuss.  Some have holidays or birthdays which make them stand out, July is usually a good one.  This year however, July, has delivered a pretty disastrous set of events and is continuing right up to the end.  I shall be glad when August arrives tomorrow.

We are continuing our packing up of our home, making decisions and finding homes for all that we no longer need.  Today we are in Wales, completing the task, finding new homes for old treasures.   So far, so good.

Tomorrow, as well as not being July any more, is the day Hubby starts his new job.  He is excited, as am I, for this new beginning for us both.  It will mean that this is no longer our special place, but will start to be home.  This is no bad thing, our large sunny garden and gorgeous neighbours are managing to convince us both we can settle here.

In other news, one of our family went to a festival in July.  One she has been to before, and was very excited about. Sadly, due to a combination of really wet weather and chaotic organisation the festivities were closed early.  My daughter and friends decided not to leave but to carry on having fun together, despite the lack of music and the piles of mud.  She talks of seeing a double rainbow from the top of the hill, she has photos to prove it.  Happy friends against a coloured sky, lots of smiles and arms around each other.  This to me makes me think about how we chose to deal with adversity.  Not for them four hours in car park queues waiting to leave, no angry messages on social media, just an acceptance of what has happened and the will to make the best of it all.

This makes me proud.  It also reminds me of our pact, when she was just twelve years old, that we would always strive to ‘choose happy’.  Something that has been tricky of late.  However it is never too late to remember to be grateful for the good stuff and to concentrate on finding the happy in every situation.

So, here is me, at the end of July, sitting looking out at a sunny gardens, the wind is blowing the trees and blue sky is above. Just down the road is the sea, and sand and space, all of which make me happy.

August, I am waiting for you, whatever you have in store, we will be choosing the happy path.  It is actually the only way to be.

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