Advent Day 5 – Sliding Doors

when the words won’t come.

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes writing feels impossible.  An empty page lies on the screen waiting for ideas, waiting for thoughts.  Then it happens, a rough draft, which is deleted, rewritten and amended and finally approved.  Then it is read and re read, and eventually other people read it.  When that happens, there is moment of relaxation, of reflection then it is back to another empty page. another blank screen.

I guess this it a bit like life.  Sometimes you are unsure of the next step, of the right road to choose, well it can seem a bigger struggle than it needs to be.  We need to get words on our page.  We need to have something to work with, something to change, to adapt, to make our own.

Decisions, the sliding doors of life can come thick and fast, and our instincts, our reactions are as the words on the page.  It is always worth remembering that words can be edited, the story can be changed, that we can all write our own endings.

when the words won’t come, we write them ourselves.




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