on the hills and the wind

Yesterday was the first of June, the start of summer and a chance to get out into the countryside.  Hubby and I drove about ten minutes from home and parked up in the most beautiful spot.  High hills all around the horizon and behind us, in front lay a valley of greenery and rivers.

I was struck, yet again, by the beauty of the landscape.  In the distance a small village, stone houses and a thin snake of a grey road wending its way across the land linking up people and places.  The sky is big here, at times it seems bigger than the land, the clouds touching the hill tops in a layer of mist, there are birds flying high and the soft sounds of the countryside all around.

The wind is whistling, bringing a chill to the hillside.  There is little sunshine today and the wind makes it hard to stand and stare for long.  We move along the ridge, taking in another perspective of the view. From here we can see more of the town, we look down beneath us at rocks in the grassland that seem to have slipped from above.  The grey stone contrasts with the green field and gives a look of power, albeit fallen power.  Ahead there is a family, helping each other over a stile, the youngest being lifted high over the fence, there are smiles on fresh wind blown faces.

So, Joyous June- reasons to be cheerful number one, has to be the glorious countryside.  To be able to stand and watch as the beauty unfolds all around is a pure pleasure.  This particular hillside is in reach of many people, being close to several cities, it is accessible to all.  It cost nothing to walk here and yet the gain is everything, even if the wind reminds us that summer is not quite arrived yet.


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